534. A Charming Outlook Over Fertile Fields and Cozy Homes, Kiryu, Japan.

533. A Japanese Room and Bed on the Floor, or Japanese Bed and Interior of House.

532. A Japanese Shoe Shop.

"Where are most of our shoes made?"

531. Drying Sardines on the Beach, Beppu, Japan.

530. A Japanese Tea Gatherer; A Country Girl of Old Japan, Shizuoka, Japan.

529. Cutting Rice Close to the Ground with a Sickle; Rice Harvest, Japan.

528. Rice Planters at Work, Japan.

527. Girls Putting the Finishing Touches on Bamboo Baskets, Japan.

526. Overlooking the Harbor, from Kanagawa Heights, Yokohama, Japan.

525. Fujiyama, Japan.