567. Caravan Leaving Oasis in the Desert, Egypt.

566. A Native Nobleman on His Horse; Ancient and Modern Egypt, Sakkara, [Saqqarah], Egypt.

565. The Sphinx and the Second Pyramid, Gizeh, [Nazlet El-Semman, Al Haram, Giza], Egypt.

564. Inundation of the Nile, Egypt.

563. Native Boys Spinning Cotton, Egypt.

562. Threshing Beans in the Field, Egypt.

561. Tilling the Soil as in Ancient Days, Egypt.

560. View of Cairo From Gami Ibn Tulun [Mosque of Ahmad Ibn Ţūlūn], Egypt.

559. The Suez Canal, from an Ocean Liner, Looking North, Egypt.

558. Arab Grocery Shop, Cairo, Egypt.