578. Kaffirs Traveling Overland on Foot, South Africa.

577. Bringing to a Trading Post Crude Rubber, Djoko Punda [Djokupunda], Belgian Congo, [Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)], Africa.

576. Victoria Falls, on the Zambezi River, Rhodesia, [border of Zambia and Zimbabwe], Africa.

575. Cape to Cairo Railway, Rhodesia, Africa; Scene above Bridge on the Cape-to-Cairo Railway over Zambezi River, Africa.

574. Dar es Salaam, Chief City and Port of Tanganyika Territory, [Tanzania], Africa.

573. Ivory Ready to Ship, Mombasa, [Kenya], Africa.

"The big building to the left is the store room of an American firm which handles hundreds of tons of ivory every year.”

572. The Native Market, Port Florence, Lake Victoria, Nyanza, British East Africa, [Kisumu, Kenya, Africa].

570. Peeling Bark for Making Bark Cloth, Uganda, Africa.

"Find Uganda on a map of Africa

569. The Great Dam, Assuan; The Aswan Dam, Nile River, Egypt.